Here you will find articles about studies and research on eliminating sedentary sitting in the office.

This is how dangerous your sitting is – for the brain

The fact it’s not especially beneficial to sit too much is not news to most people. However, a new study shows just how dangerous it actually is for the health of the brain and that it cannot be “compensated ” through extra exercising.

The authors behind the study mean that it is not only wise to exercise, but also to reduce the amount of sedentary sitting time – something that has already been said about physical health, but also applies to the health of the brain.

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This is what the American business magazine Forbes says.

Here you will find the UCLA study.

Global trend - reduced physical activity from 2001-2016

A study conducted by WHO (World Health Organisation) shows that a quarter of the world’s population, that is 1.4 billion people, move too little.

The study is based on self-reporting data from 358 studies in 168 countries, which includes 1.9 million people and has been published in the scientific journal The Lancet Public Health (you can read the whole study, published on September 4, 2018 here). The result shows that more than a quarter of the world’s population move too little, something that can result in an increased risk of cardiovascular disorders, type 2-diabetes and some forms of cancer.

If the current trend continues, WHO’s target, of reducing physical inactivity by 10% by the year 2025, will not be achieved.

Young adults sit more than 80 year olds

According to the population study “Life and Health”, supervised by Region Uppsala, young adults are more sedentary sitting than 80 year olds. The survey, which has been conducted regularly since 2000, is sent randomly to 18,000 inhabitants in the county who are 18 and above. The survey is made up of 50 or so questions about health and different habits.

Download the survey here.

Diverse: The county councils in Sörmland and Värmland as well as the regions in Uppsala, Västmanland and Örebro counties have regularly conducted population surveys within the framework of a county-wide collaboration. The surveys were conducted in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2017. The surveys provide a unique basis for the dissemination of knowledge, planning and control. The result is presented in different forms and contexts, from oral presentation and reports to scientific articles.

Everyday exercise gives unforeseen health benefits

The benefits of low intensity physical exercise, such as standing, walking or performing household chores, can be greater than previously known. Replacing an half an hour sedentary sitting a day with everyday activity reduces the risk of dying of a cardiovascular disorder by 24 per cent, according to a study from the Karolinska Institute.

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Why sitting down is bad for your brain

In many aspects of life where we need to use our brain power, we also tend to sit down: in school, at work, sitting exams or when we concentrate on a crossword. In an article (eng) they have studied how long-term sitting can affect the brain’s fuel supply and have a negative impact on the health of the brain.

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