Stay active, wherever you are.

The StandUp Desk has been designed for a multifaceted workplace. It is a small and easy-to-place height adjustable table in an ageless Scandinavian design. All without demands on an electrical connection, which gives you the freedom to work where you want. Made in Småland of sustainable material, designed by Dan Ihreborn. Stand up and work, you will feel better, have more energy and be more creative.

Stand up and work where you want
A desk designed for activities of tomorrow – or flexible workplaces. Manual height adjustment. The desk is small and versatile in size making it very easy to place and furnish with. You don’t need to take electrical outlets into consideration and there are no cables on the floor. The desk is suitable for both conventional workplaces and home offices. You raise and lower the desk with a gas spring that is controlled by a lever on the side. The lowest height is 73 cm, and the highest height is 117 cm.

The advantages of variation and standing up and working during parts of the day are many. The blood circulation increases, you are more alert and more productive and besides you get a better posture. A few tips to get started with standing are to start the day standing, when finishing for the day, raise your table. To stand up after lunch is also good, you then avoid the tiredness that can creep in after you have eaten.

  • For activity and flexible based offices, also suitable for the home office.
  • Easy to place, small and versatile.
  • No electrical connections – manually height adjustable, you can work where you want.
  • Made of sustainable material – FSC labelled and SIS Swan Ecolabelling.
  • Swedish design, made in Småland. Available in two colours.
  • Increases the amount of calories burned when you stand up.
  • You will better utilise your exercising if you also stand up and work.
  • You will be more alert and will improve your concentration.
  • A soft mat enables you to stand longer.
  • A foot rest helps to relieve the lumbar region when standing.

StandUp work station mat
When you work standing up for long periods, it’s a good idea to take the weight off your feet with a workplace mat. StandUp is a specially produced to distribute your weight evenly between your feet, and help you to stand up for longer without getting tired.

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StandUp Desk screen – when you need a little peace and quiet.
StandUp desk screen provides sound absorption and separation when you need a bit of extra peace and quiet, or seclusion, in the office. It helps to dampen sound even when not in use.

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StandUp Bordsskärm och StandUp SOS Fotstöd

A foot rest helps to relieve the lumbar region when standing.
Suitable for both standing and sitting work. Perfect for offloading your feet, legs and hips when standing up. A soft surface on the underside allows you to push it to one side with your foot when not in use.

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