MATTING INTERIOR - Den flexibla arbetsplatsen


Matting Interior always puts health and well-being first. During our 50 years in the business, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge. The focus of our vision is sustainable living. We want the work environments in which we spend our daily lives – in the office, at home, at school – to enable us to be active, thus promoting creative and sustainable living. With the next generation in mind, we place great emphasis and value on our sustainability work

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New in autumn 2023!

The StandUp DESK collection is designed to make a difference. Designed with sustainability in mind - sustainable for nature and people, without environmentally harmful batteries, with a low CO2 footprint and circular design. Furniture that stimulates movement and well-being. In autumn 2023, the DESK family will be expanded with a new larger full-size desk for the office.

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When the choice is made by the next generation

We are proud to present the StandUp CHOICE chair. The preview launch of the StandUp CHOICE at the 2021 Insperior Furniture Fair was a huge success. The StandUp CHOICE is a completely new type of chair – developed for an active and healthy lifestyle. The original idea for this chair was devised by the new generation – our youngsters.


Co-working where you feel good

In the new flexible working life, it is a good idea to share a workplace with others. To gain energy, belonging, gain and share knowledge. Or just to have someone to take a cup of coffee with. The StandUp series fits perfectly in this environment - our height-adjustable tables do not need electricity, so you can easily place them where and how you want. The tables are also available as a group / conference table. When you want to sit, it is perfect to sit actively on our seat balls.


Manually height adjustable desk

The StandUp DESK has been designed for a multifaceted workplace. It is a small and easy-to-place height adjustable table in an ageless Scandinavian design. All without demands on an electrical connection, which gives you the freedom to work where you want. Made in Småland of sustainable material, designed by Dan Ihreborn. Stand up and work, you will feel better, have more energy and be more creative.

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Stay active, wherever you are

Working from home has taken on a new meaning. No longer something that a few have the opportunity to do from time to time, the circumstances have made both employers and employees realise the full benefits. Today, no one needs to look particularly far into the future to realise that working from home is here to stay. What remains now is to furnish the home office.