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StandUp Active Storage

StandUp Active Storage provides storage for the active workstation. Designed for the activity-based office, co-working spaces and public areas facilitate storage of StandUp products.

StandUp Active Storage makes products readily accessible

The open design is deliberately shaped so that the products can also be seen from a distance and thus encourage and motivate use, reducing stationary sitting at work and promoting well-being. StandUp Active Storage comes with castors that are easy to push for flexible storage that can be moved around. This also helps to facilitate cleaning. The storage is available in various versions. The basic version comes with two shelves, a post for hanging things up and side compartments. A pull-out storage drawer for the middle shelf is also available, with or without a lock.

Designed by Dan Ihreborn and made in Sweden from durable materials.


StandUp Active Storage matches the StandUp Desk and StandUp Trapets Desk and is part of the StandUp concept. 




  • StandUp Active Storage is able to accommodate around 6 StandUp mats.
  • The StandUp Active Balance Board can be hung from the post, or stored on a shelf or in a side compartment.
  • The StandUp Active Balance Mat can be or stored on a shelf or in a side compartment.
  • The StandUp Active Exercise&Relax Mat can be stored on a shelf or in a side compartment.
  • The StandUp Active Stretch Band can be hung over the post in a side compartment or placed in a storage drawer.

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