Matting Office Wellness - arbetsplatsmatta Yoga Deck Zedlan. Ståmatta för kontor.


Extremely hard-wearing workplace mat with a checker-plate surface layer for best non-slip safety even with liquid spills. A soft, cushioning underside in the soft, springy foamed vinyl Zedlan material. Very hard-wearing and provides excellent ergonomics and comfort. Bevelled edges reduce the risk of tripping and to make it easier to drive carts over the mat.  Available in two mat sizes and sold by the metre in two widths. When buying mats by the metre, you can also order the bevel on the short sides.

Product specification:

Properties: Soft, cushioning, very resilient.
Material: Surface layer of vinyl and underside of Zedlan, foamed vinyl.
Thickness: 16 mm
Oil resistant: Short exposure.
Environment: Stores, public environments, warehouses, light industry.
Care: Swept, vacuumed or wiped off using a mild detergent.

Article no:

61 x 91 cm 162918 91 x 152 cm 192151
0,61 x 12,2 m 108911 0,61 x running metre 108911-1
0.91 x 12.2 m 108910  0.91 x running metre  108910-1
1.22 x 12.2 m 108120 1.22 x running metre 108120-1

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