Jobmate TOUCH ergonomic mouse pad

Jobmate TOUCH ergonomic mouse pad is very easy-to-use and you will quickly learn how to work with it. The thin design makes it easy to move your hands between the trackpad and keyboard. You obtain a good, ergonomic working posture, you can straighten your wrists, and it relieves strain on your arms, neck and shoulders. The trackpad’s smooth surface is very pleasant to the touch and its large format provides ample space to work, with a natural feel when scrolling and swiping across a page. Moreover, with the large surface, it works superbly with two displays. The entire pad has a touch function as well as left and right click on the lower edge. This makes it simple to drag documents, highlight by pressing down with one finger and dragging the document with the other. Jobmate Touch has a zoom function similar to smart phones or tablets, you zoom by moving two fingers apart or together. Place two fingers on the pad and move them upwards or downwards to scroll.

Integrated spacers mean that the keyboard is always set to the right height, same as Jobmate Touch, which gives it the best ergonomic work position. Place the keyboard on the “arms” and turn the spacers to adjust their height. If you have a keyboard with a bottom edge, it’s easy to completely remove the spacer screws. There is no need to download drivers or other software for the product to function. Simply connect the cord to one of the computer’s USB outputs, wait a few seconds and you can you start.

Product specification:

Technical information: 800 dpi. Connection via USB. Plug & Play.
Compatibility: Compatible with Windows and OS X.
Functions: With one finger:
Single click
Double click
Triple click to highlight a complete paragraph
With two fingers:
Click and move documents
Zoom in/out
Scroll up/down
Right and left-click in the lower part of the
trackpad with a distinctive click.
With three fingers:
Switch the touchpad on/off. This is what you do!
Cleaning: The clean smooth design means that Jobmate Touch is easy-to-clean, use a damp cloth with a mild soap solution.
Cord length: 2 m
Dimensions: Dimensions: 441 x 125 x 14-27 mm

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