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Jobmate Touch provides a completely new way of working with an ergonomic mouse.

The trend is the same in all modern workplaces: We are spending more and more time at the computer. 75% of all computer users have experienced pain due to their work posture. And more and more of us are suffering from problems with pain in the back, neck, shoulders and wrists. We have therefore developed Jobmate Touch – an ergonomic mouse which ensures that you work naturally, just like your body wants to. This means that you avoid pain and perhaps even time off sick in the future. Put simply, it's a smart solution to an unnecessary problem.


This is a product that we use on a daily basis and my idea has therefore been to create a purer form that is more lasting over time and thereby also saves our environment, but without compromising the technology. While the reduction in keys and the individual height adjustment of the keyboard are details that elegantly improve the ergonomics.”
Dan Ihreborn, designer

Right working posture

Pain in back, shoulders, arms and wrists is the result of static work. Using an ordinary computer mouse primarily entails two problems. You keep your arms extended out from your body, which increases the load. Furthermore, it is difficult to vary your working position. A smarter way is to keep your arms close to the body and use one or both hands when moving the cursor. You then obtain a relaxed posture and can moreover simply change working position. This reduces the static load and enables you to work more effectively. But above all, it makes you more healthy – both at work and at home.

Jobmate Touch

Jobmate Touch provides a completely new way of working with an ergonomic mouse. The pure, thin design and the large, smooth trackpad with smart functions makes work both simpler and easier. The entire pad has a touch function that delivers a fast and direct feel. The large, smooth surface simplifies zooming and scrolling, making it feel both smoother and more ergonomic. The soft raised wrist support also provides relieve.

RIGHT WORKING POSTURE – with Jobmate you work with relaxed arms nested to the body.
LARGE TOUCHPAD – for comfortable and easy movement.
SMART TECHNOLOGY – very easy for those who are used to working with a touchpad.


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