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The YOGA FASHION NITRIL is a very soft and strain-reducing mat with a durable outer layer of nitrile rubber and with a backing of the same material. Suitable for standing and sitting workplaces, the mat is light and very easy to move aside. The surface layer withstands sharp ladies’ heels. Yoga Fashion Nitrile is also electrically conductive, see more information below.

Product specification:

Properties: Very soft, cushioning, relieving. Electrically conductive according to class 1, see below.
Material: Surface layer of nitrile rubber (of which 20% is recycled material), underside of foamed nitrile rubber.
Thickness: 16 mm
Fire rating: D.O.C. -FF-1-70 (Pill test)
Environment: Offices and public environments. Light/heavy industry, welding.
Care: Swept, cleaned with detergent. Solvent not recommended.
ESD / Anti-static mats ESD mats are made to quickly dissipate static charges away from people, which reduces the risk of damaging equipment that is sensitive to static electricity. We have mats that dissipate static electricity according to the following three classes where class 1 dissipates the fastest:
1. Electrically conductive
2. Static dissipative
3. Anti-static

Article no:

58 x 81 cm 381970
87 x 145 cm 381971

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