StandUp CHOICE stol, fyra på rad - svart, grå, vit och sandstone grey med dynor

StandUp CHOICE chair

The StandUp CHOICE chair is designed with new-generation functional and aesthetic styling in mind. Switching between standing and resting is easy with the CHOICE chair,  ensuring you lead a healthy and active life.  The CHOICE comes with a movable seat and flexible seat height and is designed especially for height-adjustable tables. The simple Scandinavian design allows the CHOICE chair to blend in with lots of different environments. CHOICE chairs can be stacked and are easy to move out of the way.

CHOICE chairs are made in Sweden using sustainable materials. Design: Dan Ihreborn.

• Optional flexible seat height
• Removable padded seat with Velcro attachment
• Straightforward and easy to move away
• Replaceable parts and reusable for long life
• 5-year warranty
• Mobility when sitting
• Counteracts a static sitting posture
• Stackable and easy to stow away

An optional upholstered seat cushion is available in several different fabrics and colours.

Product specification

Size: Height: 870 – 920 mm
Depth: 430 mm / Seat depth: 160 mm
Width: 510 mm / Seat depth: 460 mm
Seat height, 4 positions: 630 mm, 680 mm, 730 mm, 780 mm
Description: The StandUp CHOICE chair with movable seat and flexible, four-position seat height. This chair is developed especially for height-adjustable tables, but it suits many different environments thanks to its simple Scandinavian design.
Max weight 130 kg.
Material: Steel, polyethylene (feet), lacquer in fine structure.
Optional: StandUp CHOICE seat cushion for added comfort.

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