Jobmate SOFTGEL mouse pad

A smarter way to work.

Jobmate SOFTGEL mouse pad is an ergonomically designed mouse mat to relieve your arm. The addition of a gel-filled wrist rest provides additional support and prevents mouse arm. The non-slip material attaches on your desk while the frictionless surface of the mouse mat provides maximum precision.

• Mousepad with gel-filled wrist rest for extra support.
• Rear with anti-slip material ensures the mousepad lies still.
• Friction-free surface layer for maximum precision.

Product specification:

Material: Fabric: Lycra
Gel: Elasturan and Elastocoat
Underside: Polyurethane
Dimensions: Width 230 x Depth 260 x Height 25 mm
Cleaning: Clean periodically. Wipe off using a damp lintless cloth with a mild detergent.

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