ARM REST underarmsstöd för bättre ergonomi vid skrivbordet


A smarter way to work.

The ARM REST relieves the entire forearm and prevents symptoms such as mouse arm, stiffness or discomfort. The asymmetrical design provides an extra support when using the numerical keypad or a keyboard. The arm rest attaches to your desk and fits both straight and angled desktops. Surface layer of dirt repellent synthetic leather for easy cleaning.

• Supports the whole underarm.
• Asymmetrical design for maximum comfort.
• Easy-to-fit on the desk, adjustable mounting.
• Fits all types of desks.
• Dirt-repellent surface, easy-to-clean.

Product specification:

Material: Steel, MDF, foam rubber and synthetic leather (polyurethane).
Cleaning: Wiped off using a damp cloth with a mild detergent or hand sanitizer (85%).
Dimensions: 660 x 200 x 15 mm
Waist width: 60 mm

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