Extensive mapping of Swedish exercise habits

17 January 2019

In recent years, participant records to take part in the ‘Vasaloppet’ and other long distance competitions have been smashed. The media have reported on a motion boom in Sweden and the Swedes have been characterised as hard exercising nation. Researchers now intend to find out whether this image is true.

Although exercise is an issue that interests more and more, it is surprising how little we know about the Swedish level of exercise. Today, there are very few objective studies that give the answer to how much we Swedes move.

Researchers want to find out how much we move
At the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences, GIH in Stockholm, researchers are mapping out the Swede’s movement habits and fitness. The study is a part of the Liv-project that has been running for 24 years. Two thousand men and women are participating and the results will be compared with the data gathered in 1990 and 2000. This then comprised a cycle test, strength test and questions about lifestyle and the amount of exercise.

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